Human Resources Development Programme

Creating a Diverse Workforce

Most of the educational programmes available in Siem Reap currently focus on providing primary, secondary and vocational training. In addition, vocational training is largely focused on the tourism and hospitality sector, which is currently a large provider of employment in Siem Reap. This sector, which is extremely vulnerable to (political) turmoil, has a limited absorption capacity and also tends to create employment which is seasonal and therefore lack sustainability.

Pactics OpeningTPF aims to contribute to the education of the local population in a way that will encourage a more diversified workforce, bringing better balance to what the labour market offers, and what the employers are actually looking for. Currently, there is a surplus of financial and business graduates for example, whereas most companies struggle to find suitable middle management.

TPF is currently working with partners on developing the Siem Reap Talent Programme, a very practical selection and training event geared towards matching companies and potential employees.