Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

‘It’s not just good for the people and the environment: it also makes good business sense’

Together with like-minded companies and civil society organisations, TPF strives to bring the importance and benefits of incorporating CSR under the attention of businesses and government in Cambodia.

IMG_0375At first sight, many of the investments needed to implement CSR seem costly, but on closer look these are often cost-saving measures. For example, creating a pleasant working environment, limiting over-time, providing a healthy meal and clean water will bring down the sick rate considerably and help deal with retention. Using solar panels and factory-design that allows for ample natural light will bring down the utility costs on a structural basis.

Besides the financial investment, the work that comes with implementing the required policies and procedures may be discouraging, in particular for smaller companies. By offering assistance via our Business Accelerator Programme, and by sharing knowledge with like-minded companies and organisations in the National CSR Platform of Cambodia, TPF strives to facilitate a broader CSR implementation accross the board.