Creating more employment in a responsible working environment, by helping entrepreneurs become better employers

The Pactics Foundation (TPF) was set up to assist Pactics Cambodia Co. Ltd. in its efforts to be a responsible employer, and to create the conditions for other companies to become responsible employers as well. TPF wants to contribute to the understanding that responsible entrepreneurship is not just good for people and the environment, but also for business.

Adding Value, Avoiding Repetition

With an estimated 400 non-governmental organisations operating in Siem Reap, TPF is conscious of the importance to offer added value rather than repetition of existing programmes. While most of the existing NGO’s have a focus on education, training and enhancement of job opportunities, TPF will enforce these efforts by working on improving the quality of employment offered in Cambodia.

Multiplying the Effect: not just more employment, but better

Social entrepreneurship is widespread in Cambodia amongst local start-ups and NGO-spin offs. But typically operating on a very small scale (training-restaurants, small sewing workshops etc.), the impact of this social entrepreneurship stays limited. TPF wants to assists these small companies to grow, to offer more employment and to formalize social entrepreneurship in the right policies and procedures that protect both employees and environment.

With the expertise of Pactics Cambodia Co.Ltd in responsible manufacturing, TPF will offer interested companies tailor-made advise to expand operations. Furthermore, projects will be set up to enhance the overall conditions in Cambodia needed to successfully run a business (any business), such as the availability of skilled employees, insight into cost of living and setting wages, and literacy training to enhance the impact of employment.