Social Entrepreneurship

The Pactics Foundation (TPF) was established in January 2015 at the request of the owner of The Pactics Group, Mr. Piet Holten, in order to create more capacity to manage projects that go beyond the company’s operational management responsibilities.


Opened in 2014 in Siem Reap Cambodia, the new factory of Pactics was designed from the onset to be sustainable, environmentally friendly and most of all: pleasant to work in. The factory’s operations complement its design, with social accountability being the main guideline for day-to-day operations. In July 2015, Pactics Cambodia received its SA8000 certification, an auditable social certification standard.

Paying above-minimum wages; offering health- and personal accident insurances to all 350 employees; providing daycare services to enable young mothers to continue breastfeeding while at work: the company is exemplary in the extent to which it implements principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

From this social attitude, the company’s activities grew well beyond what was to be expected in terms of CSR. Cambodia is one of the 40 poorest countries in the world, and a third of the population in Siem Reap Province survives on less than 40 cents per day. The general population, including Pactics’ workforce, needs assistance in many other ways as well.

New issues were emerging on a regular basis, and were initially addressed by the company itself: responsibility for employee safety extended beyond the factory gates when Pactics provided all motorbike-riding employees with helmets; scholarships for technical studies were provided to excelling students; and iron ‘soup fishes’ were handed out to help combat the prevalent iron deficiency.

With the establishment of The Pactics Foundation, these additional projects have shifted from the company’s HR department to the Foundation. And more: striving to be a multiplier of the Pactics social method of conducting business, TPF will set out to create more responsible employment for the local population.

About the Company

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